7 Must-Know Garage Sale Tips

Piles of old clothes. Boxes of toys your kids have grown out of. Old CDs you no longer listen to. If this describes the belongings in your garage, it’s time for a sale. When you hold a successful garage sale, you can get rid of some of your unwanted things and make money while you’re […]

The Evolution of Garage Doors

As long as humans have used wheeled transportation, they’ve built structures to protect them. Theft, vandalism, and the elements all pose a threat to vehicles, so we usually keep them indoors. When cars were invented, car owners had to find places to shelter their new vehicles. If you’ve ever wondered how the modern garage came […]

Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Cave for Your Man

Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Man Cave Instead of buying new homes, people have begun to repurpose rooms in their existing homes to add a new feel. Homeowners renovate bedrooms, lofts, and patios to explore new functionality. But these are not the only redesigned rooms. As one of the largest areas in your home, […]

Garage Door Safety Tips for Parents

From storage to home projects to everything in between, garages play an important role in your home. They protect your car or truck from damage, and they provide extra space for your valuables. In some homes, they are converted into extra bedrooms and even home theaters. However, garages also pose a few safety risks, especially […]

Hurricane Season: Is it Knocking at Your Garage Door?

From the Keys to the Panhandle—and every step in between—Florida is a state full of sunshine and satisfaction. Unlucky for its residents and visitors, Florida is also a state that gets seasonal visits from hurricanes. Sometimes faint, and other times fatal, hurricanes wreak havoc on Florida’s diverse landscape—and its resident’s houses.   Take stock of […]

Collapsed garage door

Squeaky noises or a droopy garage door? 1

Garage door openers are like magic right? You press the button, ta-da, it opens! What actually enables the door to open are the garage door rollers. The less friction and drag on the garage door rollers, the more easily the door will open. This is why it is important to have rollers in good condition […]

Curb Appeal 2

Garage doors are a huge factor in curb appeal. With the majority of houses having a front-facing garage door, it is one of the first thing people see. Don’t end up with a tacky door. Some of these doors require no explanation. Just don’t with murals ……no matter how good they are Creepy Nice try, […]